For the Love of Creativity, Make Your Dreams Reality



Once upon a time, there was a girl named Jennie, who lived a structured and socially norm life.  She did what her parents told her, she went to college and got a degree her dad told her would “pay well,” moved out at 22, and started her life.  Here’s Jennie two years later, going through the motions, getting up for work at 4:30 AM…comes home, makes dinner, goes to bed, repeats.  As the days drag on, it becomes harder and harder for her to get out of bed and doing anything, even on her days off.  Misery had set in.  Why?  Jennie feels as though she was doing what she has to do because evidently it’s the right thing to do.  It pays the bills.  Jennie doesn’t use the creative side of her mind anymore.  Um, what?

When Jennie was 7, she dreamed of being a teacher…working with small children and helping them grow; helping them follow their dreams.  Reflecting back on these days, she remembered being told “you won’t make any money doing that.”  At the age on 15, Jennie started writing for the high school newspaper.  In fact, she got so damn good at writing, she was provided the opportunity to start her own column in the paper.  She edited most of the big articles that went into the newspaper.  She even helped her friends write their research papers and essays.  She recognized wrongs and accused the high school’s athletic director of being sexist…and was right about it!  Jennie was praised by fellow students.  Jennie was approached by students she didn’t know, who told her they couldn’t wait for the next paper to come out to see what she will write about.  Teachers howled about how great she was at writing.  One teacher in particular encouraged and pushed her to pursue a degree in journalism.  But oh how the reality set in when once again, she heard the daunting words “you’ll never make any money doing that.”  So when it came time to apply for colleges, Jennie picked nursing.  “I’ll have a good job, I’ll make money, I’ll help people, I’ll have a flexible schedule.”

Now Jennie is 24, unhappy, unfulfilled, and constantly reminiscing on how different her life would be if she had just done what she wanted to do.

Let me pause here and take a second to talk about healthcare.  Healthcare is crap.  I’ve been a nurse for two years now and although I enjoy helping people, I spend most of my day being micro-managed and told to do things that I know are morally and ethically wrong.

Okay sorry, back to Jennie.  Jennie is talented.  Jennie is smart.  Jennie is creative and has a lot of good god-damn ideas.  Jennie is starting to pursue her dreams a little later than she’d like to, but she’s doing it.  Be like Jennie.  Do it.  DO IT.

Welcome to my blog, where your dreams are highly encouraged to be fulfilled.   Your creativity, passion, and free spirit are beautiful, and I want to embark on a journey with you to show it to the world.


Kate ❤


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