Sundazed Memorial Day (and FL is ridiculously hot)

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This past weekend, I got to channel my inner hippie and relive my childhood.  Sweet Fields Farms in Brooksville, FL, has a massive sunflower field and maze.  Thousands of sunflowers, standing 9+ feet high, surrounded me and I couldn’t have been happier.  Growing up in Maryland’s farmland and having a 40-acre meadow behind my childhood home, I spent my summer days with neighborhood friends running through sunflower and corn fields.  What a dream this day was for me.

I’ve been trying to drag my husband (Sean) here for the last two years, but we kept missing our opportunity since the sunflowers only last for about a month.  Rosie Moo Moo and Tom the Turkey were there, and I even got to pet a baby goat.  I’d say it was a successful day.


Well, my hair was curled from the night before and I actually put makeup on, but Florida Summer 1, Kate 0.  The hair went up in a messy bun and the sweat poured down my face and chest (TMI, sorry!).  Alas, the hubs got some good shots.


◊ Top: Free People ◊ Jeans: AE ◊ Bralette: Urban Outfitters ◊ Shoes: Vans ◊ Hat: Earth Bound Trading Co ◊ Necklace: Francesca’s ◊ Sunglasses: Rayban’s ◊


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