the dramatic flare look


I have always loved super flared jeans, but was sad when they went out of style sometime during my high school years.  As much as I love that skinny jeans came into style and how slimming they are, there’s just something about a good ‘ole pair of bell bottoms.  This look is inspired by my love for the 70s and everything vintage.


The fact that midi rings exist make my soul oh so happy.  As I’ve come into my own personal sense of style, I’ve developed a love for accessorizing.  The idea of adding accessories not only saves you time and money, but can actually transform an outfit.  Hooray for styling on a budget!


My mom happened to be visiting me from back home on a random weekend, and we ventured out to the mall to kill some time.  On the way, I was telling her about these pants I saw that I really liked, but was a little insecure to actually wear.  Of course I got the “honey, you could put a paper bag on and you’d still look fabulous” lecture, as all mom’s say (or should say) to their daughters.  After trying these game-changers on and getting the stamp of approval from Mom, it was love at first site and they were purchased.

The necktie is also one of my absolute favorites.  I felt like Donna from That 70’s Show when my hubby was shooting these pictures, but honestly, I totally didn’t hate it.





I’ve worn the dramatic flares a countless amount of times and they are literally my favorite jeans ever.  I hope this inspires you to wear what you want regardless of whether it’s “in-style” or not.  Your personal look and style is what makes you cool and unique.  Be bold, my friends, be bold.




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