Laundry… It’s For the Birds!

Laundry? What’s that?!


Picture this: you wake up Monday morning, make coffee, go to the gym (if you’re into lifting heavy things that early in the morning), shower, get dressed…but oh wait.  You don’t have any clean clothes.  Why, you ask?  Because you DIDN’T DO THE LAUNDRY.  Why, you ask again?  Because doing laundry sucks and there are much better things you’d rather do.

This is the battle I have with myself every week.  Unfortunately, I am one of those people who lifts heavy things early in the morning, so my laundry mostly consists of sweaty clothes.  My husband also works 5 days/week and works out…double the amount of sweaty clothes.  Oh, and we also live in Florida where standing outside for 5 minutes equates to the same amount of sweat you accumulate doing 60 minutes of exercise.  Great.

Honestly, I enjoy most ‘womanly’ chores…I will cook and bake for DAYS.  I’ll even clean the house and vacuum every day (damn cat hair), but laundry?  Oh no, my friends.  Luckily my hubby uses his frustration for a lack of clean clothes as motivation to just do it himself.  I can’t wait to see his face later when he reads this and comes to the realization that I might quite possibly be doing this on purpose in order to get out of doing the laundry.

I wish I made more money so I could pay someone to do it…and sadly, I really have no excuse.  I only work 3 days/week (RN life FTW), but it just seems difficult to do.  You have to collect the dirty clothes, put them in the washer, wait for that to finish, put it in the dryer…and then the worst part?  FOLDING IT.  This is where you’ll cash me ousside.  I will not fold the laundry.  I’ll look at it, think about folding it, plan on folding it, but it doesn’t get done.  This is a fun conversation when the hubs has wrinkled pants and shirts…’sorry babe, I got distracted and I had to go to the store and the mall and work on my blog…the day just slipped away from me’!

He doesn’t really get mad though…he’s too kind-hearted.  He just sighs and starts the laundry himself or turns the dryer back in hopes of his clothes becoming unwrinkled.

The best part about this blog post is that at this exact moment, I have a pile of laundry that really, really needs to get done.  Who wants to make a bet on whether it will get done or not?

Over to you…how do you guys feel about laundry?  Do you hate it as much as I do?  Do you have someone you live with that’s constantly disappointed (not really) when they come home to wrinkled or unclean clothes?  Tell me I’m not the only one (asking for a friend here)!


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