Yogurt Mousse

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After a 30-minute power yoga class I did at home, I was absolutely starving and really didn’t feel like cooking anything.  As I scrounged through my pantry and fridge, I found all the necessities for making this yummy yogurt mousse.  This recipe is actually inspired by a lot of Instagram posts I’ve seen, but I put my own spin on it as per usual.


Most of my grocery shopping is done at Sprout’s and Trader Joe’s, so you’ll see a lot of their products in my pictures and future recipes.  I always love to have some nibbles in the pantry for when bored-hunger strikes, and TJ’s ancient grain granola and unsweetened coconut flakes are two of my favorites.  I also always have some chocolate whey protein powder available for when I need a little something sweet, but don’t want to destroy whatever workout I did that morning.  Sprout’s offers a decent option for a very reasonable price, but I prefer Tera’s whey because it tastes better (you can purchase at Sprout’s).




This is one of my favorite post-workout snacks ever.  It’s packed full of protein, fiber, and of course chocolate (chocaholics ftw!).  It’s super quick and easy to make and I always incorporate this into my weekly meal prep.  Hoping you guys enjoy this one!





Place Chobani non-fat, plain greek yogurt into a bowl and pour 1 level scoop of chocolate whey protein overtop.  Mix together very well (mix slowly to avoid dust-storming your face with an extreme amount of powder).  The mixture may appear too thick or not have enough wetness, but continue to blend until smooth consistency is created (trust me,you’ll get there).  Add granola and coconut flakes on top, or any topping of your choice.  The addition of fruit adds a really nice flavor and consistency, but unfortunately this kitchen was fresh out.  Indulge, chocaholics!


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