All About The Details

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My dad is an avid collector of antiques, and his passion for vintage finds has definitely rubbed off on me.  Growing up, our home was filled with antique furniture, paintings, and decor.  I’ve been lucky enough to have received a few pieces since moving into my own place.

My kitchen table is my great grandmother’s table from the early 1900s.  That table is still as sturdy as ever and continues to charm guests with it’s creaks and squeaks.  I’ve got a unique dish in my bathroom that I use as a jewelry holder, and I’ve had that piece since college.  I used to keep my rubber bands, paper clips, and other desktop accessories on it, but I repurposed it when I moved into my new place.

It looks best when dripping with whimsical, boho necklaces and rings.  At least I think so anyway.



When I was planning my wedding, I wanted to use a lot of antiques and cool trinkets I had been collecting over the years.  My best friend and MOH’s parents own an antique shop in Baltimore City and were kind enough to donate a lot of lace linens and milk glass vases.

After the wedding, my florist friend helped me dry out my bouquet and flower crown.  My hubby and I created a wine box time capsule for our unity ceremony, and wanted to display it on our kitchen table.  The crown is sitting on top of my two bibles, The Best of Cook’s Illustrated and The Newly Wed Cook Book, and I arranged the other florals on top of the wine box.  Naturally, it’s all sitting on top of the lace table cloth we had draped over our sweetheart table.  Now every time we walk into out kitchen, we are reminded of the sweet bliss we felt on our wedding day just a few short months ago.



Our home is small, but it’s full of love.  That’s really all that matters in the world.  Stay tuned for more detail shots and behind the scenes photography!

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