Holiday Weekend Look


As usual, I went to the mall and spent some unnecessary money on some new clothes for vacation. I mean let’s be real here, you can’t go on vacation and not have at least ONE new outfit…that’s crazy talk! Luckily for me, some of my favorite places were having incredible sales.


H&M is always such a reliable source for inexpensive, stylish clothing and accessories. I have found the best bargains there, mix matched them with some old clothes and voila! You can make a new, kick-ass outfit without smashing open your piggy bank. #OOTD for the win!


This look is inspired by the holiday week, wrapped around fireworks, sparklers, and stripes. Hold the stars, and now I’m a walking 4th of July firecracker!


The hubby and I are spending the 4th in Ocean City, which takes us back to our childhood. I discussed this in my previous blog post (insert link there). It’s usually one of the hottest days in the summer here and is always accompanied by beaching all day, indulging in happy hour at Seacrets, and watching fireworks after sunset with some ice cream melting in our hands. It’s my second favorite holiday of the year and I’m so happy to be spending it back home with friends and family. It also happens to be my dad’s 60th birthday, so it’s a really a celebration this year!


I’ve always loved over-sized button-ups and flannels because you can use them for so many different looks. I have a favorite red flannel from H&M that I wear with a lot of different tops, especially in the winter when Tampa starts to cool off in the evening. This new striped top I have can also be worn in many ways, but it felt most appropriate tied around the waist in honor of the 4th (Uncle Sam, the chick flexing her bicep, etc.). Plus, a little exposed midriff never killed anyone (disregard the taco baby bump I have and refrain from judgment, please and thank you).


It’s about 2 sizes too big, so you can even use it as a cover up over your bikini.

In this look, I paired it with some jean shorts and a red lace bralette, my usual go-to. On a side note, I’ve completely boycotted regular bras for bralettes. They are so much more comfortable and actually help keep your boobs a little perkier since they don’t have to rely on underwire to do the job for them. I’m also a size 34C, so maybe that’s why and it’s simply all in my head.


Anyway, this outfit was also inspired by my love for boating. Just picture it: cruising out on the bay at sunset, a cold drink in your hand, some fireworks, and a sparkly striped button up with rolled sleeves and some classic jean shorts. What a perfect match! Thanks, Dad, for having a boat!


I hope you all enjoy this look and let me know what you think! What inspires your latest look? What bargain hunting have you done to develop your mix-matched looks?

Button-up & jean shorts: H&M
Shoes: Blowfish
Necklace: Francesca’s
Ear cuffs & rings: H&M

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