My Ocean City Experience in a Nutshell

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So I’ve talked twice now about our trip back home, including some thoughts and a holiday inspired style look. And guess what? You guessed it! I’m gonna talk about it again.



Aside from seeing all our friends and family, our favorite thing to do in Ocean City, MD is eat. I’m talking about doing some SERIOUS eating, and a little drinking too. I’m just going to put it out there…Ocean City has the BEST seafood you will ever find. Yes, I’m biased. No, I don’t care.


You want some real steamed crabs? Belly Buster’s Seafood & Deli on 45th street has got some of the best for a pretty good price too.  Steamed to perfection and smothered in Old Bay, these crabs are sure to please.  There’s even a fun saying about this place… Maryland, we’ve got the good kind of crabs. That ain’t no lie!  If you’re not in the mood for crabs, Belly’s has an amazing menu with insanely cheap prices; try the fish tacos, they’re a Hamad family favorite!

Want some incredible mixed and frozen drinks? Well my friends, Seacrets: Jamaica USA has some of the best (not cheap, but well worth it) AND you can drink them while floating in the bay.  Now, depending on your tolerance or your mindset of how buzzed you want to feel, here’s a run-down of my favorite go-to’s. Rum runner: sip this and get ready to experience pure bliss. It’s super strong, but can be mixed or frozen. Pain in de Ass: ready? This is a pina colada and rum runner mix. Want a little extra kick? Get it with a floater. What’s a floater you ask? I’ll let you find out for yourself. $9.50 never tasted so good!




Now, let’s discuss happy hour and local’s nights. This is the best part of Ocean City, especially if you live there full time. Fish Tales on 22nd street has an insane deal on Wednesday nights, 75 cent Natty Light night. Oh yeah, I’m talking about some real OC native stuff here. Oh, you didn’t know? Natty Light is the champagne of Ocean City my friends.  One of the best happy hours we’ve found is at Blu Crabhouse on 12th street. They have amazing appetizers and pretty cheap mixed drinks from 4-7pm, as well as half-priced sandwiches. Try the crab muffin bites…I promise you won’t regret it. Unless you’re allergic to shellfish, in which case I say it’s definitely worth the risk. Not really. But maybe.

I have saved the best for last here, guys. What’s the number one, best drink you can get in Ocean City, you ask? An orange crush. This simple, decadent beverage has all the vitamin C and good vibes you could ever need. My least favorite part about living away from Maryland is that no one, I mean no one, knows what this drink is or how to make it. Sigh. The original orange crush was started at Harborside Grill in West Ocean City. They’ve got it down to a science. Other places in OC have added this drink to their menu and they definitely taste great, but nothing beats the original.


When the beach traffic gets bad and you don’t have access to a boat or kayak, this is my advice to you: go to Assateague Island. This island stretches from the inlet of Ocean City, all the way down through Virginia. You can take your vehicle right on the beach, not deal with tourists, and check out the wild ponies. The inland of the island is packed with gorgeous hiking and exploring as well. Make your way through the marshes and preserves to get some stunning photos. Stick around for sunset and it’s sure to please.

My parent’s have a house in Ocean Pines (Berlin, MD), which is just over the bridge and it’s been my summer vacation spot since I can remember. The community lives up to it’s name too, just drive down the parkway and check out the over-hang from the pine trees. Rolling down my windows, I can smell that sweetness from the pines, I can feel the stickiness on my hands from picking up pinecones, and can hear the branches gently blowing with the breeze.  And oh those sunsets…you won’t find them like this anywhere else. It’s a serene place that can’t truly be put into words…it must be experienced in person.



Well, enough reminiscing. It’s back to reality for me. If you’re ever thinking about traveling to visit Ocean City, I hope this post helps point you in a few awesome directions. For now, I’ll just dream of those orange crushes, awesome boat rides, and sweet smell of Ocean Pines.




Photos by: 813 Photography


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