Quick & Easy Protein-Packed Sandwich

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You guys!  I’m finally back on the workout grind and I feel so much better.  In my latest If You Dare post, I talked about how exhausted I’ve been recently in dealing with a half-ass diagnosed thyroid problem.  I took it upon myself to start taking some Vitamin D and an all-natural thyroid support supplement*.  With the combination of eating really clean, working-out, and taking these supplements, I already feel better.  A long road it will be, but proving to be worth it so far (yes, please read that in Yoda’s voice).

Anyway, I did a Fitness Blender 50-minute workout today and nearly died, so I treated myself with a unhealthy-tasting, healthy quick sandwich!  It was super easy to make and has inspired me to meal prep for my 3 days off this week.



I always keep at least one dozen eggs on hand at all times, as well as some deli chicken or turkey breast, fresh spring mix, and 100-calorie sandwich thins.  This is a throwback meal to when I was in college and being super health-conscious.  I used to count calories and only have one cheat day a week, and figured it’s finally time to get back to that mentality.  I was the healthiest I had ever been during that time and felt so much more energized.

If you don’t have all of these ingredients on hand, it is super easy to improvise!  You can use canned tuna, leftover dinner meats, veggie burgers, tofu, etc.  As for condiments, I used mustard, but mayo, ketchup, BBQ sauce, or anything else you have will do just fine.  You don’t even need the bread if you’re, sigh, a wonderful human being who eats a low-carb diet.  Just slap some kind of protein on top of lettuce and call it a day.  The possibilities are endless!


Hoping y’all enjoy this easy meal as much as I did.  How are you guys meal prepping this week?



  • 1 100-calorie, whole wheat sandwich thin
  • Handful of fresh, organic spring mix
  • 2-4 slices of deli meat (depending on how hungry you are, I used 3)
  • 1 egg cooked over-easy
  • Black pepper and/or salt to taste
  • Mustard to taste

Enjoy and remember, it’s never too early for a glass of red wine (60 mins CV exercise)!

*Disclaimer:  Although I am taking vitamins and supplements, I always recommend that you seek professional, medical attention before ever doing anything on your own.  Always consult a physician first!

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