Month: September 2017

Fridge Raid: Leftover Turkey & Veggie Bake

Ahh, leftovers…everyone’s least favorite thing in the world (unless it’s cold pizza from last night’s bar hopping, of course).  The reality here is when you cook for two, there’s generally leftovers no matter how hard you try to ONLY cook for two.  Usually, I’m okay with it because I can take it to work with

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I’m Thinking About Making a Decision…Maybe

If I had to sum my life up into one word, it would be tentative.  My entire adult life has been made by half-ass, on-a-whim decisions: moving to Florida, changing jobs, picking people to associate with.  The only real decision I’ve ever thought about making before doing it was marrying my best friend.  My mind

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Fall Trend: The Flower Child Look

Ahh finally, September has arrived.  Time for cooler nights, less humidity, and sunny days without the 20-minute daily down-pours.  Happy Florida-style Fall, y’all!  The fall and winter weather down here in Tampa is the absolute best and I’ve started to revamp my closet with sweaters, boots, leg warmers, and long-sleeve dresses. For this look, I

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