Fall Trend: ‘Tis the Tunic

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I have fallen in love with tunics in recent years, not only for their easy flowing nature, but also for their comfort and ability to be casual or dressy.  My dad still shakes his head at me when he sees me in an over-sized top and ripped jeans.  He’ll say, “That does nothing for you, Katelynn!  It looks like you’re hiding something that you don’t even have to hide!”

Dads just don’t get it sometimes.

These two tunics are paired with my favorite jeans and slicked up with some new jewels and sunglasses.  I bought the jeans, earrings, and extra long tunic at Nordstrom Rack a few months ago and have been dying for the weather to cool off so I can wear them.  Thank God it was overcast when my hubby took these photos because I was literally drenched in sweat afterwards.

Side note: I sweat like a frickin’ hooker in church.  No lie…it’s a serious issue.  I went for an interview a few months ago and the employer literally had to leave the room to crank on the AC as I was sitting in a suit, dying in the chair next to her.  I wish I understood my inability to control the amount of liquid that seeps from my pores.



Uh, what were we talking about again?  Oh, tunics!  I really hope you guys enjoy these two looks as much as I do!   What are your favorite Fall looks?







Tan Sweater Tunic: Free People at Nordstrom Rack, $11
Charcoal Tunic: Free People, $34 (flash sale)
Jeans: Nordstrom Rack, $15
Velvet Shoes: South Moon Under, $30
Mules: BCBG Generation at Marshall’s, $21
Purse: Free People, $30
Sunnies: Nordstrom, $12
Earrings: Nordstrom Rack, $2
Necklace & Bralette: Forever 21, $8 & $6
White Turquoise Ring: Shop The Genesis, $20

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