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I’m Thinking About Making a Decision…Maybe

If I had to sum my life up into one word, it would be tentative.  My entire adult life has been made by half-ass, on-a-whim decisions: moving to Florida, changing jobs, picking people to associate with.  The only real decision I’ve ever thought about making before doing it was marrying my best friend.  My mind

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Health and Wellness: I Am Not Invincible

I’ve been a little distant for the last few weeks, but now it’s time to be transparent. I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism and it’s taken quite the toll on me. For the last year or so, I’ve had unexplained weight gain despite my 4-5 days per week of working out and relatively clean, healthy

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Take the Higher Road, Kid

Forgiveness: pardoning someone’s wrong-doing, despite an apology or recognition of one’s wrong, and surrendering all negative or vengeful feelings towards that person. This is what my understanding of the meaning of forgiveness.  Forgetting?  That’s a different story. A big part of my life has been surrounded by the need to forgive others, whether it be

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