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Fall Trend: The Flower Child Look

Ahh finally, September has arrived.  Time for cooler nights, less humidity, and sunny days without the 20-minute daily down-pours.  Happy Florida-style Fall, y’all!  The fall and winter weather down here in Tampa is the absolute best and I’ve started to revamp my closet with sweaters, boots, leg warmers, and long-sleeve dresses. For this look, I

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Week 3: Eye Candy for the Modern Hippie

In the nature of keeping things interesting, I thought this week’s Wacky Wednesday should be entirely for the people.  My idea of fashion has changed and conformed throughout the years, as well as my confidence in expressing my own personal style.  I’ve always leaned more towards the “boho” side which incorporates easy, breezy clothes that

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Week 2: The Rustic Clash

With autumn quickly approaching (thank God), I thought I’d use this as inspiration for my second Wacky Wednesday post.  Fall in Florida is a strange time for me… The temperature goes from 95 to 80 everyday, tricking you into thinking it’s fall, but really it’s still… summer… and humid… and I still can’t be outside

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Week 1: Plaid Hibiscus Revealed!

Happy Friday, everyone!  I’m SO excited to show you the full look from this week’s Wacky Wednesday!  It was my first official one, so I really hope you guys enjoyed it.  As for next week, I’ll be laying out two or three different mismatched outfits and am relying on YOU to tell me which one

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